The beginning of the rest of your life

Why would anyone need two blogs? Heck, why would anyone need one?

I know blogging has a bit of a bad reputation, criticised for serving only as a sounding board for self-important opinions that nobody really wants to hear. But…well, hire me and I’ll stop.

Back in December 2010, fresh from a six week internship at the almighty Best for Film, I began a blog to help better explore my interest in film, writing and social media.

Over the last 19 months, has enjoyed a growing readership, earnt a recommendation on FHM’s website and been partly responsible for my place on the Edinburgh panel of STV’s Moviejuice. Not to mention a free bottle of Talisker whiskey.

But while I have enjoyed every moment of amateur film criticism – in addition to the considerably more reputable work I have done for HeyUGuys, Best for Film and Screen Geek – I have realised that I have much more to say than such a specialised blog allows me to do.

Recently I have strived to push myself, writing both for Oh Yeah Me Too and – as of next week – Work In Prowess. I would like to be a journalist, and not necessarily one that dwells on the latest releases and most recent movie news. I am a Neish in search of a niche, and I hope that this might be where I finally find it.

So, this is it: a fresh start. Time to put down the popcorn and take a look outside.


3 thoughts on “The beginning of the rest of your life

  1. Are you a Neish by name? My mother was a Neish. I was actually searching for the badly written Smooth John McNab story, but only found your literate one.

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