To Russia with love (and gloves)

I have never really known what to do with my life.

While I have variously thought about becoming a superhero, an artist, a psychologist and a movie journalist (making steadily more progress from left to right), the only thing of which I have ever truly been certain is that I wish to travel.

I have lived in umpteen towns across four countries and visited many more. I have journeyed with family, alongside friends and on my own. There have been city breaks, beachy holidays and road trips, not to mention moves for school, university and work. And I have loved every second of it.

Over the last month or so, however, I have put together plans to visit Russia, arranging an invitation, Visa and accommodation in order to explore the town of Syktyvkar in the run up to Christmas. With the promise of language barriers, mammoth waits in airports and sub-zero temperatures, I can only hope that I’m suitably prepared for what is to hopefully be my biggest adventure yet.

Should you wish to, you can keep up with my various exploits here, or in the magazine article I have had commissioned for when I get back. That is, if I don’t get lost, frozen, or bitten by a radioactive reindeer first.


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